Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Conflicted Part IV

"How you holding up?"

"Okay, I guess. It's kind of warm. And blue."

"Winter seems to have kept its pants on."

"I like seeing the recess kids. Their energy -- it makes me feel a little less sad."

"By the way, it looks like your dream almost came true."

"Which dream?"

"The one where the squirrels are relocated in a stiff wind. Their nest has definitely shifted south."

"Clearly they skipped Proper Nest Construction 101."

"December's winds were pretty intense."

"Oh, well. Everyone deserves a home, even if their habits are not as sanitary as they could be."

"The little guys seem to be hanging in there."

"Yes, they do. And they're very quiet. A nice quality in a treehouseguest... I have to ask, are we just about there? I'm missing my leaves."

"About 69 days and 3 hours away. No time at all."

"Doable, if the sun continues to shine. You ready to sleep?"

"I think I'll watch this last inning of kickball."

"Good night."

The Conflicted series began here, continued here and last showed up here. I probably should have said that at the beginning.


Carol said...

I love the "Conflicted" series. I might have to go find that tree sometime and give it a hug.

Kathy and Freddy said...

"Winter seems to have kept its pants on"
Best line I've read in a very long time!!!!

taylorsoutback said...

A great sentence about winter keeping it's pants! Here in northern Wisconsin it has been so strange to go outside on a bare sidewalk. I don't miss the ice but a good snow cover is necessary for holding tanks & landscaping.

Nice to have you visit my blog - interesting that Blogger & Explorer are not friends. Though I have been using Firefox for months & the image loading problems just started during the holidays. Thank you for the feedback. Hope Blogger corrects things asap.

Enjoy the warm weather!