Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Almost Halloween

This may not be very clear to the naked cyber eye, but Charlie carved the word "Naperville" as the teeth of our pumpkin last year. (Who knew?) And for the inquiring minds among you, the template was in the local paper in 2008.

A shout out to mending Freddy of Boca. Lots of Lassie reruns, my friend. And the occasional biscuit.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Shenanigans

We are ankle-deep in leaves. Such a crop this year, all yellows and magenta. It would be a sight to behold, if we didn't have to rake the stupid things to the curb, over and over, days upon days on end. If only there were a simple, aesthetically-pleasing means to compost them. Not practical, I'm afraid, in a world of houses cheek-by-jowl.

Of course, leaves put me in a Halloween state of mind. Confession: I love candy! I love dress up! I love the kids (as long as they are small and marginally appreciative)! With glee, we have dressed and guided our kids and their playmates to the doors of Naperville, or at least to as many as feet and weather would allow. Fun fun fun!

And now, we have our youngest trick-or-treater in years, on the threshhold of his first Halloween. And to my utter astonishment, his parents can NOT agree on his costume. (Hello, this child's been on the earth since March.)
Actually, Ma and Pa have determined what Baby should wear, right down to purchasing a costume. Separately. So guess who bought the skeleton costume? Guess who bought the pumpkin costume? Guess which one was returned? (Okay, that was too easy.)

As my friend Mary Fran points out, the best costume in Chicago is the one the down jacket fits over most comfortably.

So as our baby takes to the streets this year, he'll be the cute one in the stroller. Wearing a parka over his jammies. He adores carrots and peas, as long as they are of that delightful, gummy consistency preferred by babies 3-to-1.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blonde Hair, Leather Jacket & 20 Years Younger

Sorry, no graphics to go along with that title, you voyeurs. But this notion, of what we look like and how we dress, has me asking: what does it take to get noticed? What does it take to be taken seriously? And is a leather jacket THAT necessary? One can certainly buy the look, but there's not much one can do with the 20 years part. THAT, I own. And with each day, I own a little bit more.

My friend Beth believes (with all her heart) that on any given day, we are where we are meant to be. Can one believe that AND believe in free will at the same time? What if I'm overlooking something? What if I'm on the black square instead of the red square? What if I was rooting around in the pantry when directions were being given out? Am I, in fact, a really crappy listener and therefore, nowhere NEAR where I'm supposed to be?

In any case, tonight I'll be seated next to a glass of Signal Mountain. Maybe two. But not at the same time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Snuck Out Over the Weekend

I KNOW this blog is entitled Naperville Now, but I did manage to break the bubble and drive into Chicago over the weekend to see the Contemporary Wing of the Art Institute. First stop: Millennium Park to admire the truly magnificent Frank Gehry concert stage and the scaffolded armature soaring over the grass. Even in chilblains-inducing weather, it was fabu. And how can you not love a bean? There we are. And there is the city. We look good.

Then it was across the skyway to the Contemporary Wing. Even in crappy weather, the wing is a delight to behold. The wood floors are light. The glass is light. The metal is light. Kevin pointed out even the signage is outstanding (and therefore light). Light enlivens the space and elevates it....Good job, Art Institute. And while the art (and there is art) is impressive, the surrealists are a bit too, you know, surreal for moi. (Btw, I was very glad to learn how Man Ray's name came into being: Man, short for Emmanuel; Ray, changed from Radnitzky by his brother....I'll take Dadists for $400, Alex.)
On a less erudite note, we tucked into nine million calories in Greek Town over dinner. Opa, Santorini's. Great weekend, SRL and Kevin. Hope you will come a toddlin' back to this ole town soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

This Plot Does Not Thicken

Thankfully, mercifully, the Naperville Park District has chosen to catch its collective breath and not tear down paradise to put up a garden plot (oooh, wop wop wop, oooh). Royce Road, at least for now, will remain porta-potty/windsock/chicken wire/tarmac/compost/mulch mountain/irrigation/traffic/garden army/garden mess FREE. The gardeners will continue to raise cain, uh tomatoes, on an expanded West Street; the high school will get its much needed playing field; and the Naperville Cemetery, the catalyst in all of this, gets its land back for what IT needs most. Disaster averted, thanks to some last minute vigilance by some great friends in the 'hood. And Park District Commissioners willing to listen to reason, God bless 'em. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So much for renaming this "The Park District Really Makes Me Furious" blog.

I'm leaning much more toward Reason Prevaileth. Or Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Wait a minute. Another writer stole THAT from me as well. First Julie and Julia. And now this? Definitely a conspiracy of title stealers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I've been dithering on what to call this endeavor. Actually, Julie and Julia was my first pick, but wouldn't you know it, some writer already STOLE that idea from me. Yes, STOLE! In desperation, I'm using the name of my hometown. If I decide to change the blog to Czechmate, Siouxie or War and the Park District Garden Plots, you'll be the first to know.