Monday, October 26, 2009

Snuck Out Over the Weekend

I KNOW this blog is entitled Naperville Now, but I did manage to break the bubble and drive into Chicago over the weekend to see the Contemporary Wing of the Art Institute. First stop: Millennium Park to admire the truly magnificent Frank Gehry concert stage and the scaffolded armature soaring over the grass. Even in chilblains-inducing weather, it was fabu. And how can you not love a bean? There we are. And there is the city. We look good.

Then it was across the skyway to the Contemporary Wing. Even in crappy weather, the wing is a delight to behold. The wood floors are light. The glass is light. The metal is light. Kevin pointed out even the signage is outstanding (and therefore light). Light enlivens the space and elevates it....Good job, Art Institute. And while the art (and there is art) is impressive, the surrealists are a bit too, you know, surreal for moi. (Btw, I was very glad to learn how Man Ray's name came into being: Man, short for Emmanuel; Ray, changed from Radnitzky by his brother....I'll take Dadists for $400, Alex.)
On a less erudite note, we tucked into nine million calories in Greek Town over dinner. Opa, Santorini's. Great weekend, SRL and Kevin. Hope you will come a toddlin' back to this ole town soon.

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Anna said...

Great pictures Mom!