Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On our daily walks with Bandit, we pass by this tree. And every year, we exclaim over its split autumnal personality. (And then we usually say, "Didn't it do this last year?" "I don't know. Did it?" "Maybe.")

My dread of fall is no secret. And I wonder if other organic things, like this tree, experience foreboding.

"Psst. Right half. Get with the program."
"No way! It's still summer."
"Listen, you're messing up the color scheme, and I hate that."
"For months we've been verdant and pretty, and now, you're going all scarlet and dead."
"The change is inexorable. It cannot be ignored."
"I hate that I can't stay green."
"In a few weeks, we'll be completely unleafed, so deal with it....And stop crying."
"If we could stay like this until Christmas, at least people would admire our beauty a little longer."

"Hold on to me, kid. We'll not only look great, we'll be great."
"I still like green better."
"I know."


Carol said...

So poignant, gently amusing and so very sweet. One of my favorite posts of yours.

BFL said...

Nicely put. I'll let you know if I find its cousins in Vermont this weekend.

Alison said...

Love this post!

MFM said...

As per Kermit, it's not easy being green.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that tree does this every year! It is a favorite of ours on walks too. When we got back home from our walk today, we rushed to check our own backyard and were relieved to see that green still rules at our abode!

Sharon said...

I'm with you Sue, I hate fall and winter!

Kathy and Freddy said...

Yes, that tree. Full of foreboding.