Monday, September 26, 2011

Name That Pod

Most bloggers I read manage to churn out posts with alarming frequency, so I apologize for not fitting that profile very well.

But what I will have for you shortly will be worth the wait -- The Book of Mormon as seen from the second row; Kelli O'Hara as seen from a different second row; Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, CT; and dead relatives. I mean really, what more could one ask of a blog?

Until I am able to sort through 9000 vacation photographs, I will leave you with these while we go play HGTV in St. Louis:

I know, right?

These babies are supposed to burst shortly and cast forth seeds. Or poison zombie foam. Possibly both.

AND, if Mother Nature 2012 is in our corner, we may be able to grow this:

Or not.

I'm thinking not, mainly because we couldn't manage to coax even one tomato from our lone tomato plant this year. And while I hear the tomato crop was particularly pathetic for everyone, we are undone by our lack of results. Nothing beats a fresh tomato. Not even zombie foam.

So, while we are painting, spackling and muttering,"What Would Vern Yip Do?" all week, let me know if you know the name of this flowering vine. And what you think our chances are of replicating it.

And just a little taste of the really fun stuff to tide you over:


Carol said...

Datura. Yes, it grows up here. I planted it one summer and have been pulling out volunteers for years afterwards. As a matter of fact, I think I have one stray plant struggling in my front bed as we speak. Be careful, however, the plant is poisonous.

Kathy and Freddy said...

What is it??
Can't wait to hear about the play. Were you in NYC????

Carol said...

The plant is called Datura, Kathy. It is actually a powerful hallucinogenic. Maybe we can have a "spiritual exploration of consciousness" at one of our book clubs with a little Datura tea.