Saturday, September 10, 2011


The heat of Labor Day weekend was so intense, I think my brain melted. (Naperville Now is very sensitive in that way.)

In fact, I still feel a little shaky, so I'll have our little buddy do most of the talking about our time at Naperville's Last Fling.
 Impossible not to be drawn to the lethal flying weapon game.
See the handcrafted sign on the left? It details the logic of  "With another 10 bucks, lady, you can upgrade the prize."

  Every boy needs a $400 whale.

  Now, this game makes sense to me.
 I believe our $5 monkey may have met a quick end once Howie, 
the miniature black Lab, saw it surrender.

Cars, trains, trucks. All boy all the time.

And another generation enjoys the Dandelion Fountain on the Riverwalk. 
It took great restraint on my part to not jump in. 
(And I would have not been the first in the family to do so, 
though there is some controversy surrounding the details of that plunge.)

 As it was, we made our own cool.

And so the sun slowly set on little buddy's first Fling.
And my 24th.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Nice! ANd the duck game is my favorite too.

Sharon said...

Yeah Sue, we haven't missed many of these so I felt I was there!! Thanks.