Sunday, January 15, 2012


Pepper, the mother pup found wandering in a Tennessee parking lot just before Christmas, has found her forever home, as we say in the animal rescue biz.
and this car is only half of it.
Meet Megan, a friend of the dog's rescuers and now, Pepper's BFF.

my girl
(They make a very cute couple, don't you think?)

For those coming late to the game, here is the first post about Pepper's arrival in Naperville in search of a home (not to mention a place to spend Christmas). Following a less-than-successful meet-up with a herd of Chicago Chihuahuas, Pepper appeared again here.

A few adoption inquiries came in to Naperville Now. Phone calls and emails were sent. Prayers were offered up.

And then, along came Megan.

i match perfectly
Pepper, who complements Megan's decor, snuggled right into her new life. And then some.

She has toys, her own bed and babes from North Central College to take her on walks while her mistress is at work.

Pretty cushy.

quite literally

There are a few kinks to iron out yet. Afterall, Pepper (now known as Aussie) is barely 1 years old. And while she has been through more than most, this sweet and docile Staffy mix has managed to maintain her puppy ebullience and a certain dignity.

Naperville Now would like to check in with Aussie, from time to time, so down the road, I hope Megan will share a few snapshots and a story or two.

Happy beginnings, ladies. Thanks for sharing your story.


Unknown said...

Thanks for being Naperville's go-to source for Pepper/Aussie news!! I LOVE that dog.

Nancy said...

Thank you, Naperville Now, for telling Pepper/Aussie's story for us. She is a real sweetie and we are thrilled to see her in a happy home - and in Naperville too! Hope to get to see her now and then and see how she is doing. She is quite a girl. Thanks to Megan too, for opening her home to such a fun loving dog!

Carol said...

Oh, that satisfied, contented look on Aussies's face! I am so happy this story has a happy ending. Bless you for facilitating such a great outcome. There is one less cold, hungry, homeless animal in the world today, and that makes me very happy.

Pondside said...

What a great ending!

anitamombanita said...

What a sweet face. So glad she found her home!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a cutie! I am glad she found a wonderful home!

Sue said...

Looks like Pepper landed in a great spot!


jen said...

I remember the original post. Glad she found a perfect forever home. Our rescue dog has been part of our family for four years now. Can't imagine life without her.

jen said...

I remember the original post. Glad she found a perfect forever home. Our rescue dog has been part of our family for four years now. Can't imagine life without her.

Jenn said...

Hi. What a wonderful post and precious pup. I have a black and white dog and that's what drew me to your post right off (from Time Travel Thursday w/Liz). Ours is a he-found-us-rescue. I'm so glad Aussie has a home. I went back and read the other posts, and your profile. Nice read all. Hard to read about Aussie being only 1 year old and I'm wondering where the pups are. Wow. That's some story. Jenn (and, I'm using Google to sign with - hoping it's not too much trouble to click on it to make it to my WordPress blog. If you happen to click and stop by, please let me know if and how cumbersome the clicking and landing properly was. Thanks.)

michele said...

love the happy ending story!

visiting via brambleberry cottage and invite you to my giveaway here:

smiles to you.


Jenny said...


What a beautifully inspiring story.

Megan is a wonderful person. I suspecct she learned her kind heart from you!

Thanks for the smile.