Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Is Done

We live in Chicago, a town Mother Nature hates. She pours down snow and frigid air during a winter that lasts for month after horrible month. There's a small break in July, and then she resumes her evil ways.

Today, however, was 55 degrees. There was abundant sunshine and gentle breezes. Coats were forgotten. People and pets were outdoors and grinning like mad. Pick-up games broke out across the neighborhood.

It was the kind of day that makes it possible to survive the unholy season of winter.

Charlie was strolling the trails this evening and snapped this send-off. A day gift-wrapped in pinks and yellows and blues. 


Nancy said...

That is one gorgeous photo. Charlie ought to send it in to one of the TV stations that shows photos after the weather. We had a long walk on the trail today too. Magnificent day. Must remember it!

Anonymous said...



Carol said...

I had the good fortune of needing to drop off my car at our mechanic, about a mile and a half away. This involved a walk after leaving the car there, and another walk to go get the car when it was finished. It was such glorious luck to be "forced" to have to walk on a day like today. I made sure to get in some extra walking in the prairie next door, just to enjoy this day to its full measure. What a gift!