Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Travel does broaden one.

I observed this last week on the door of our pet-friendly hotel in Chattanooga:

I don't recall ever seeing these two admonitions expressed together in such polite fashion on any surface anywhere. Being the rule-followers that we are, we managed to keep the Luckies and the Luger in the glove box of our car.

When my husband and I were cruising Savannah on the hunt for the Savannah College of Art and Design (which is pretty much a presence throughout this lovely city), I had a chance to revisit the Paris Market and Brocante (as seen in Country Living and a million other publications). Just inside their door, there was a chalkboard filled with scraps and letters and advice and color. (I'm thinking about doing this same thing, only leaving it on my driveway.)

Help Cure My Writer's Block! Give me a Topic.
I've Got Answers
I love people who have answers.

Wish I'd thought of that.

Le sigh, to quote my friend Carly.

There was a lot more to take in of this collage, most of it generated by an honest-to-goodness typewriter.

But all those delicious French tchotchkes were calling to me, so I left before finding out the true meaning of life.

And of course, there were those waiting for me just outside on Broughton Street.


Sharon said...

So Kew el! I'd love to see that. I've not been to Savannah so I feel a trip coming on!!

Carol said...

This post elicited a genuine LOL from me! Funniest blog on the planet? Yes!

The next time I see you I hope you bring your Luckies and your Luger so I can see.

Kathy and Freddy said...

Well. No wonder you stayed in Smyrna on your way back...
Looks like Savannah agrees with da boyz.

Johanna said...

It's a shame. You pay $29 for a hotel room with a flush toilet and they make you lock your cigarettes and guns in the car!