Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Washed Up

The ole Kenmore came to a screeching and shuddering halt on Sunday. I hate it when that happens.

Aren't these stupid appliances supposed to last until you're carted off to a nursing home? I keep thinking it's part of a plan being perpetrated on the buying public by avaricious appliance designers. This could explain many things, including my sister-in-law's brand new microwave oven blowing up 10 days out of warranty. (You should see the scorch marks.)

I'm disappointed in these manufacturers for being short-sighted and creating appliances that should last, if not a lifetime, then fairly close. I also blame them for avocado green. Not a good design decision in any decade.

Charlie and I hit 17 stores yesterday, armed with a list of what not to buy, courtesy of a local repairman who does not recommend front loading anything. (But they're so spiffy! And gleamy! And red!)

The good news is they can deliver tomorrow. And because we are in that microscopic segment of the population that doesn't want a front loader, we got a pretty good deal.

At least, I think we did. Ask me in 366 days. From Wednesday.


srl said...

I still think you should have gotten red.

grace said...

red and a front loader.

Johanna said...

Suggest a fire pit in the backyard - large wash tub - wooden paddle for stirring. Will never break down and you'll have the satisfaction of actually feeling and seeing the clothes become cleaner. Also "greener".