Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Was I Saying?

And we're back, which may be more more miraculous than you realize, if we are to believe this morning's Chicago Tribune:

"Statin use can cause issues with memory"

Am I the last person on the planet to know this? (Crikey, have I read this before and not remembered?)

I have high cholesterol and take Simvastatin. Have for a long time. And it is no secret that I suffer greatly from Can't Remember S*** syndrome. Of course, I was under the impression that the whole memory thing was a byproduct of being female and "of a certain age."

So I've been doing this brain thing to myself, if I am to believe what I read in the column People's Pharmacy:

"My doctor prescribed Vytorin for high cholesterol. While my cholesterol went from over 350 to 190 in five weeks, I ended up having an eight-hour episode of transient global amnesia (TGA). I knew who I was, and I recognized my family and friends, but I didn't know the year. I didn't recognize streets I have drive for many years. I asked my husband the same five questions in the hospital over and over until late in the evening, when my memory returned."
The response:
"We have heard from many other readers who have experienced memory problems on statin-type cholesterol-lowering drugs...Some have shared similar stories of transient global amnesia. One man forgot how to shift his sports car into gear.  Another forgot the route to work...Ask your doctor about psyllium, niacin, fish oil, fibrates and bile acid binders. One or more may help solve the problem."
It just so happens I'm seeing my doc tomorrow afternoon for my yearly checkup.

I hope I remember to ask her about this.

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Sharon said...

You are so talented! Someone important needs to check out your blog and make you rich and famous!!