Monday, March 7, 2011

C is For Cookie

It's official. As of this evening, I'm off cholesterol medication. And as my memory soars to great heights over the next three months, you will be the first to know if the Pythagorean theorem comes back to me. Or makes sense. (I'm thinking this is very unlikely.)

Contraindicated in the great statin boycott, however, is this: three boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies calling out to me from the freezer. And they are very loud.

Timing. It's everything.

But, I wanted to share what came with our three boxes: a thank you note, which read:

Dear Betsy's Mom,

Thank you for buying cookies and supporting my troop this year. Part of the funds raised will help three girls from my troop fund their Gold Award Projects, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. The remaining funds will be spent on a fun outing in Chicago in the spring.

Thanks again,
Tara, Troop 1409
Balance due: $12

First, I've never received a thank you note for buying Girl Scout cookies. And I am a huge proponent of thank you notes. Secondly, this appears to be a Greater Good troop because everyone's kicking in dough (ha) to help three girls reach a significant goal. And that is crazy commendable.

I feel better about these cookies already.

Let's hope my cholesterol feels similarly.

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Carol said...

I hope you remembered to pay the balance due ;-)