Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The to-be-recycled pile in my basement disappeared this drizzly afternoon.

All of those 486 processors? Gone. Flatbed scanners purchased 6 presidential administrations ago? Met their reward. Somehow. Not sure of the specifics, but presumably someone comes along to the Electronic Recycling Station in Bolingbrook, pokes through the piles and harvests enough gigabytes to cobble together a computer named HAL that takes over Will County. Something like that. And I am all for it. So much better than hurling all of this junk into the landfill, which is just too irresponsible and guilt-inducing.

My thanks to Nancy, who told me in the beginning of the Great Basement Reclamation project that electronics could be dropped off at 299 Canterbury Lane, Bolingbrook, IL.

You can drop off batteries there, too.

Is that not the best?


Anonymous said...

That is the best! Good to know. Do they take TV's too?

Naperville Now said...

yes, but it *may* be a Will County thing only...not sure.

Sharon said...

That stupid, DAVE? Dave? Dave? comment was from Jeff, you must have thought it was spam. It was really!

Naperville Now said...

I did think it was spam, actually. Care to explain it?

Anonymous said...

2001 A Space Odyssey. HAL was talking to Dave the astronaut and trying to get him to stop from shutting him down. With each progressive step that Dave took HAL got wearier and talked slower. Eventually HAL ends up singing a school kid song.

Mr B.

Naperville Now said...

Sorry that I thought you were spam =)