Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Review, Shall We?

As a rule-follower and former New Yorker, it pains me to watch pedestrians and bikers be so dense when it comes to traffic signals.

Time for review (and don't make me stop this car):

This, dear friends, means stop:

The large red hand does not mean "High five, dude, now cross the street," because if you do, you will most assuredly be killed. No, the large red hand means stop. As in, do not cross the street. As in, stop.

To review:
Red hand = stop. Do not go. Stay on the curb. Ponder life for a few extra seconds. Chill.

When it is your turn to cross, the red hand goes away (I love magic, don't you?) and this appears:

See how his legs are kinetic, implying motion? That means you! Time to cross the street. It is safe (mostly) to do so, so skedaddle on across -- on foot, with your 10-speed, pushing your baby in his stroller.

(I suppose in a perfect world our little walking man should be green, but I can't control everything.)

So, remember: red hand = stop. Little walking man = go.

Now go out there and be careful, especially at Royce and Washington.


Carol said...

Pedestrians: "But the whole world revolves around meeeeeee!"

Kathy and Freddy said...

Totally agree.........and if you're here, add golf carts to that list!

Sharon said...

When we were in France the little man was green, those European's get a lot of things right now and then. L'homme vert, one of Jeff's limited French sayings.

Anonymous said...

L'homme vert. Oui madame. Does that mean we are going back to Paris again mon Shar?

Mr B

Johanna said...

Or in the immortal words of BJA, "Move it a**hole!"