Friday, March 4, 2011


Naperville Now will take a short hiatus in order to watch over Kilroy while his parents are out of town.

Between observing the planes from Charlie's Restaurant at Clow Airport and cruising the inventory at Ikea to sitting in the trolley at the Nichols Library, we have a very full weekend planned. (Okay, just kidding. I know the trolley was axed years ago. Wonder where it ended up? Anyone have a clue?)


Sharon said...

Take lots of photos!

Sarah said...

Kendall and I are doing a toast to you and Granddaddy right now! "Here's to sister Sue, sister Sue..." You know the tune...xxooo

Anonymous said...

So how did your weekend go??? And aren't grandchildren just the greatest??

Naperville Now said...

We had a great time. Not too many planes flying in and out of Clow, but the French Fries were great.