Sunday, March 4, 2012

One Down, Two To Go

I am not usually braggadocious, but today I'm making an exception.

I finally bound this throw quilt.

I won't tell you when I started piecing it (because I can't remember). And I won't tell you when I had it machine quilted by an exceptionally talented woman who lives nearby (because I can't remember).

But I can tell you this: it it took me two evenings two bind, and I am ashamed of myself for letting it languish for so long. (This is a good theme for me this spring -- languish not.)

Daughter #2 took it back with her to St. Louis this afternoon. She says she will try to convince her long-haired cat and perpetually shedding dog not to curl up on it and save it for her personal siestas.

Meanwhile, I  need to write a label and applique it to the back so our descendants will know this:

"March 3, 2012: This quilt was inspired by my best friend, Joyce, as a project for my mother-in-law, Betty, whose loving hands have made so many exceptional things for her family. When she was unable to complete it, I started to piece the blocks and assemble the lattice, knowing it would be finished in this lifetime only if it were machine- rather than hand-quilted."

My mother-in-law, an artist and a purist, would probably raise an eyebrow over a machine quilting something as personal as a bed quilt. I daresay her mother, also a quilter, would have been in complete agreement.

Being a rebel (and lazy), I set upon this course.

The overall quilting is lovely. (I did make the binding and miter the corners, so there is that.)

Now, there are just two quilts left to bind.

Ready, set, sew.

Check back in a few weeks for an update.

Meanwhile, tell me what are you inspired to make and complete? Do you have textiles/watercolors/sweaters/collages/etc. yelling at you from the next room?


Sarah jp said...

That is beautiful! Your work is wonderful. Mother would be very proud of you! Actually she was always proud of you!

Char said...

Just beautiful, Sue.

mama t said...

Absolutely beautiful Sue. Is there anything you can't do!! As for projects that I have not completed... a cross stitch piece from the 1980's. This just may inspire me to finish it! You are amazing :-)

Naperville Now said...

cant's: math, apply masacara, cook, drive in reverse, stop losing my cell phone. I could go on. Thank you for your kind words.

Johanna said...

Your quilt is beautiful and your comments about Mom even more beautiful. As Sarah said, she was always so proud of your talents!!

Carol said...

Breathtaking! What a treasure you have crafted. I am in awe. I can only tackle small projects like knitting hats and scarves and cannot comprehend a project of this scope and depth.

MFM said...


Sharon said...

Well done Mrs. JP

Kathy and Freddy said...

Sue, This is just beautiful, and will be so gorgeous when it reaches Out West, way over the Good Ol' Mississip.
Unfinished....hmm...well of course cross stitch... and a whole bunch of biographical sketches for my genealogical research

Beth said...

A beautiful quilt made even more lovely by your heart. Never mind that the stitches are machine and not hand made, or that it took you longer than you planned; it is finished and it is beautiful!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Lots of thing yell at me. I must finish something....

beautiful work!