Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18? An Unlikely Story

There are thumbs, and then there are thumbs.

These fields of beauty are brought to you by my neighbor.

And for the record, I believe Chicago has gone from winter directly to summer. It is 82 degrees today. We are all stumbling around in shock, unfurling hoses and hunting rakes.

Some of us planned on watching basketball because everyone knows you can't win your brackets unless you are actually watching the game. In real time. So there is just the tiniest bit of grumbling going on.

(Anyone know what these little guys are called? I have them every year, seeded by birds, I'd guess. The blue is so true. I love that.)

I cannot believe how beautiful this week has been. It has been a gift of hope for the winter-beaten, as were the Girl Scout Cookies we scored outside Trader Joe's this morning.

Thin Mints. Daffodils. Sunlight.

What restores your spirit?


Carol said...

I think the blue flowers are Scilla, also known as Siberian Squill. They are pretty, and they always look so nice next to the yellow daffodils.

I mowed for the first time today, definitely a record.

It's All Connected said...

We have the same weather and I dug out the rake for some clean up. ~ Maureen

Anonymous said...

Siberian Squill (Scilla siberica)

Beth said...

in California it was 60, rainy, and windy...and I have found NO Girl Scout cookies!