Monday, August 30, 2010

"Mr. Watson! Come Here. I Want To See You."*

Deux called with news of her latest acquisition: an Iphone that pretty much does it all -- Internet, GPS, texting. Even calling. A computer in her pocket, as it's been characterized to me. Which got me to thinking about 20-somethings and how texting has supplanted the desktop (and, verily I say to you, even the laptop) in terms of communication. Want to talk with your kid? Forget email. Forget Facebook. And blast mail, while we're at it. It's text, or dwell under the Cone of Silence.

Planning activities requires a few thumbprints on a cell phone and voila, it's off to the movie, to Great America, to Marshall's, to the bars, to Veronica's. No need (heaven forbid) to call everyone to make plans. Are you nuts? That would be intrusive. Texting, however, is just the ticket.

Now I will admit, I've been in love with computers since 1975 and haven't been without one since 1984 (precocious child that I was. Am.) In fact, our son-in-law is in the process of creating a new desktop for me that he guarantees will blow the bangs off my forehead every time I sit down in front of the bodacious 23-inch monitor. Folks, I can hardly stand the suspense.

But the phone thing? Not so much. Glad the kids have a means to call, uh, text home. Any way you slice it, that's what counts. As for me, I'll stick with email. I can see the keyboard without squinting. Usually.

* Purported to be the first words Alexander Graham Bell said over his wondrous invention. At least, that's what Don Ameche said in the 1939 classic movie. And no, I wasn't at the premiere of "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell."


Carol said...

Texting is the greatest invention ever for a phoneaphobic like me.

Sarah said...

Very interesting!

My attempt to let you know I am maintaining my commenting skills you taught me!

Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

This generation has once again taken a noun and turned it into , a verb:

texting, to text,
facebook me, friend me, etc etc etc

Mr B

Hannah1016 said...

Texting comes to a halt at age 60. You just can't text with arthritis in your thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

I think you need to blog about the new "stickers" at Jewel. It should be right up your alley. Where else can you spend $1000 on groceries and "win/earn" an $8 frying pan?

Mr B

Kathy and Freddy said...

Well, like Carol, I love texting.
But I can hardly see it.
Now, if they would just make the Jitterbug phone with texting and navigation!

Grace said...

Have you heard that Alexander Graham Bell also proposed we use "Ahoy" as a telephone greeting?! Edison changed it to hello.

Now we have disposed of greetings (and unnecessary vowels) and text instead.