Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not Yet

The Jewel.

My grocery store since 1987. 

Home of the beloved Deli Ladies (who saved Bandit's life with constant offerings of liverwurst).

That once happy destination just west of Dominick's has turned itself into Fermi Lab because it is accelerating summer.

I do NOT want to see Back to School anything, especially sketchy-looking cookies. It is too soon. I am still trying to get the stupid Wave petunias to grow in front. I refuse to move along and be all Fall-ish. I am not ready.

So I say to you, Jewel, put your spiral notebooks and your crayolas and your Back-To-School sketchy cookies in back and keep them there until Labor Day. (And if anyone knows why the petunias have wilted, leave me a note. This has been a most discouraging garden season. But it ain't over until I say it is. And it ain't. Not yet.)


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not Mrs JP, but I think your petunias will show an incredible ability to come back to life and bloom magnificently during the month of Sept. So....just wait for Labor Day to arrive when all the back to school specials are out!!

Mr B

Blogopause said...

Maybe it is because Sept/Oct. are still basiclly summer here...BUT the fall season is for this old mamma "The hap happiest time of the year..."
The kids go back to SCHOOL (ahhhh) and that is followed the day of the year that I get to really shine...HALLOWEEN!!!!
sorry flowers..

Sarah said...

Hi Sue!

Kathy and Freddy said...

The only good thing about back-to school time for us old folks is: Bic Pens, 10 for a dollar.