Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"Wow, Mom. That camera takes really good pictures." 
Daughter No. One


"Mom! This camera is amazing."
Daughter No. Deux


"Dang, girl. That camera Charlie gave you is incredible."


"You know, Sue, those pictures I took in Naperville turned out great."



Char said...

Betty is right. They did turn out great. Is it the camera or the picture taker? And where are you and Charlie?

Sarah said...

But we must remember it is the woman behind the camera that works the magic!

Naperville Now said...

Thank you, sis.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice convertible.
And the fam ain't half bad either!

Anonymous said...

My favorite blog post ever - "equipped." Loved the photos, loved the captions, laughed out loud -- nearly fell off my chair at the white flag. Perfection.

jb in stl