Saturday, August 21, 2010

Night Cap

While I must confess that our liquor tastes run more toward Chardonnay than Ketel One (I had to google how many Ts in that one), we needed some vodka for a recent party. Can't say I've bought likka in the last 20 or 30 years (I expect everyone to enjoy the wine I enjoy. Sorry, everyone. Why didn't you say something?)

In any case, there I was in the Jewel, hyperventilating at the width and breadth and flavors of the vodka. Russia. England. Tennessee. I mean, it's a vodka jungle out there. I closed my eyes and chose Absolut because it advertises in the most magazines I read. And if I erred in vodka judgment, don't tell me.

When I put it in the cart, I realized there was some sort of plastic hat on the top of the bottle. Looking back at the shelves, I realized all the vodkas had hats. Or at least, the more expensive ones. Heck, they've been security tagging clothes forever, so I guess tagging vodka makes sense. It just freaks me out a little that I hadn't noticed this huge shift in the liquor paradigm.

I need to get out more. Or drink more. Possibly both.


Char said...

If you drink the vodka, does it make YOU want to wear a plastic hat?

Kathy and Freddy said...

I vote for: drink more.
They don't do that to single servings, and that's why my four packs are always one short at the store.....
I been meanin to talk ta dem over by da Jewels