Sunday, August 8, 2010

In Good Company

We've had quite a bit of company these past few weeks. More arrive tomorrow. And it's been truly fabu because:

I got to do a little redecorating.

I've had a chance to tour Naperville with my houseguests. (I cannot believe how many new stores have sprouted downtown. Couldn't find CeeBee's, however.*)

I've done a little experimental cooking. (Thank you, Sarah Jp, for all your assistance in the Low Country Shrimp Boil department. And Den, thank you for your muscle and culinary acumen.)

I've met lovely people from South Africa, Australia, Scotland and England. Also, Milwaukee.

I've loved seeing our grandson play peek-a-book with his great grandmother.

One of these days, we're closing this inn and finding smaller digs elsewhere, as you will recall from previous posts in this space regarding The Plan. And when that day comes, we will be so downsized, the dog will have to find alternative living arrangements.
So until then, I'm going to relish the hub and the bub of company. Reservations recommended.

* (Yes, I know the grocery store CeeBee's closed in 1996. It's where we bought Wonder Bread to feed the ducks on the Riverwalk, which now has warnings posted AGAINST feeding ducks or risk imprisonment. The world is indeed a curious place.)


Grace said...

Here's a cottage for you! Have you heard of these? One of the few remaining cottages built as temporary housing for folks who lost their home in the Chicago Fire.

Grace said...

PS Thank you for making our company your company and for such a delicious dinner. Sending Jenni the Frogmore Stew history for her trip log :)

Naperville Now said...

You are welcome -- and I love the Chicago cottage. Long on charm, no doubt short on closets!

Blogopause said...

WHOA!!!!!! Do NOT feed the ducks bread...I am (affectionately...I think) known as "the crazy duck lady" here in (wishing for the synonym button) HAPPENIN' Oak Park.
If I see people feeding the ducks anything other than Duck Scratch (yes, it IS) I push them in the water.
Someone's gotta do it...

Naperville Now said...

Duck scractch. Not available in a grocery store aisle, I presume?