Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sun, Swag and Shoe

It was a fabulous, gorgeous Saturday, with the sun beckoning us outside to run errands like the we're-so-far-behind-we-think-we're-in-first crazies that we are becoming.

People: run to Home Depot. They have THE loveliest swags made of fresh greens and other unidentifiable organic stuff (I did recognize the pinecones, however) for $9.99. Absolutely fabulous. Hurry. There weren't many left after I bought three. They kind of look like this, without the plaid bow (because that would be an extra seven bucks.) WTG, Home Depot.

Meanwhile, wearing my brand new, really huge gym shoes (first time in a shoe since surgery and ressembling a crippled clown), it was a joy to be out and about in the sunshine without a knee-high plastic walking boot. While I did enjoy the kindness of strangers while using crutches, limping in large New Balance gym shoes doesn't elicit quite the same reaction. But that's okay. It feels good to be the one holding the door again.

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