Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Still Here (mostly)

I have a terrible confession: I haven't read a newspaper or watched the news in days, which is why I haven't posted to Naperville Now in forever. This seems to happen to me every December. Lots and lots of busyness, I think. Cards and gifts to be found, wrapped, annotated and mailed. Halls to deck. Brothers to move into their own apartments. (Wait, that was a new wrinkle in my usual harriedness.)

But tonight, ah tonight! I get to do something way fun -- the Hollywood Palms Cinema (and I suspect I'm the last one in town to attend a movie and have dinner at this cinematic eatery.) I will report back on this adventure sooner rather than later, except to say I just read on their website that they offer half price pitchers of Margaritas on Tuesday. Is this not a Christmas miracle?

Meanwhile, good luck with all that you have to do.

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