Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Feels Like 13

That's the happy observation of the AOL weather widget. Did I mention the temperature may go to 15 BELOW? Did I mention my husband is stranded in Iowa? Of course, there are people who live in Iowa and say that in summer. But this is legit. He is not on the side of the road, thank God, but the road he would take home is closed. Shut down. Not working. Broken. Crusted over.

Anyone else think this snowfall, affecting two-thirds of the country, is just a little too much too soon? That's what I like about you. You always agree with me. 

Meanwhile, it isn't easy to capture snow falling violently sideways, which is what it's doing over by der. And I noticed a definite lack of tracks, so even the rabbits and deer are hunkered down somewhere, waiting for this weather event to skedaddle so they can come back and eat what few branches they missed last week.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

There is one deer in your yard but I don't think it is the branch-eating species!!