Monday, December 7, 2009

As In Cash Money?

In the interest of a little bah humbug, Sunday's Tribune had a spread on Christmas gift giving that featured a Timex watch, very colorful and fun, for (...wait for it...) $95! As in ninety-five dollars. Count 'em!

When did Timex go all Tag Heuer on us? And is a glam/retro Timex watch an object of desire this year? It is a fun watch, I admit, but not for 95 bucks. (Did I mention it was 95 bucks?)

If this puppy were priced at $19.95 (or, even better, at $9.95, which is what I think the price was when last I bought a Timex), I'd get one for everyone on my list.

As it is, it will be the usual coal and fruitcake for this family.

(You have to admit, though, it is kind of cute.)


Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

If you are doing fruitcake you have to get it from Claxton, GA. It is the best!!!!!!!!

Jeff B

Kathy and Freddy said...

Yep, I'd definitely go $19.95....

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing a good looking Timex right now, but that one is cute-er. Ah, go for it.