Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Raking It In

I promise a fairly boffo post by the weekend, provided I'm not knocked over the head with a steel pipe in the conservatory by Mrs. White.

Until then, I leave you with both the glory and pain-in-the-lower-back that is Spring, at least in our little wooded corner of Naperville.

One yard waste bag costs approximately 50 cents. Add to that $2.10 for just one yard waste sticker. Multiply that mess by 13 bags and I can tell you that tomorrow's contribution to the landfill will cost Naperville Now a whole LOT of money.

And that's just this week.

There has got to be a smarter way to get rid of all of this stuff without a) getting in trouble and b) being environmentally irresponsible.



Carol said...

Compost pile.

Naperville Now said...

The size of Rhode Island.

BFL said...

Ah, yet another comparison to Little Rhody. Why doesn't anyone use Delaware? :-)

I share your post-yardwork pain. I keep saying I am getting too old for this, then I begin another transformation project. You'd think I'd learn.

As for the yardwaste, our subdivision has open space behind the houses. I dump back there and sooner or later it seems to break down into compost. Not pretty, but I am hoping to hide with a couple trellises this year.

Mike said...

Shred them up and pour or rake them into a pile or a bin, and those leaves will become fabulous rich, black compost—the backbone of any organic landscape. And shredded leaves alone make a superb natural mulch—preventing weeds, retaining soil moisture and encouraging earthworms to improve the soil underneath.