Sunday, April 10, 2011

But He Followed Me Home

I don't get over to the Dominick's side of Naper Boulevard very often. I got mad at a grocery clerk there several years ago and took my business across the street to the Jewel.

But Maytag seems to have moved elsewhere and the pet store from across the street has relocated to the Dominick's side.

Back when the girls were little, we were at that Dominick's store nearly every day (cooking/planning menus never having been my strong suit). Getting past the candy aisle required every ounce of cunning and skill that I had. I cannot imagine having to contend with all of that furry, feathery, and watery temptation nearly next door.

"But Mommmmm! We only want to looooooook! We promise! Pleeeease? Pleeeeease? A Sugar Glider/snake/gerbil/hamster/rabbit/hedgehog doesn't take up hardly any room. Or eat too much. They are waaaay cooler than fishes. Pleeeeeease!"

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for waiting 24 years to relocate.

And thank you for carrying our 1600-year-old dog's kibble.  Now we don't have to take a field trip up Hwy. 59 to stock up.

This is Cheese, one of several kitties that are part of Naperville's Waifs and Strays Animal Rescue. While waiting to be adopted, he's in charge of patrolling inventory.

Tama is in charge of tunes.

And this one's mission is to keep the hamster population at a manageable level.

Dude, you are so busted.

The store also pet sits. I love that. In fact, over spring break, they hosted 40 cages worth of clients. At the moment, their main charge is this Umbrella Cockatoo.
Blue eyes, 38 years old, enjoys sunsets and live worms.

(Disclaimer: Pets, Etc., doesn't know Naperville Now from a Goliath Horned Worm, although in the interest of full disclosure, we did buy a hermit crab (and a luxurious condo to go with it) about 20 years ago. An instructive, albeit short-lived, pet.)


Johanna said...

I LOVE every word you write and always eagerly await the next post. When I saw the title to this one, I hoped Charlie had brought home another little Shih Tsu cousin for Rudy----

Sharon said...

Why do dogs always choose the corners?

Anonymous said...

I am now petsitting a 3 year old Beta Fish while my daughter is on a world tour...not due back until Oct.! Thank God she is terrified of snakes...might have needed to call in the "catch and release (20 miles away) guy!