Friday, April 8, 2011

Death Thumbs

My indoor gardening skills are pretty pathetic. In fact, this is the only plant I haven't managed to water into an early death.
I don't pay too much attention to it, to be honest, as it lives in all of its self-reliant glory in a corner of the house where the dog likes to throw up.

I try not to go in there very often.

This morning, however, it occurred to me the plant might be thirsty, so drinking glass in hand, I went into the living room and saw this:

I think I've managed to grow poison ivy in a Christmas Cactus.


Beth said...

Apparently, you have a VERY green thumb!

Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

Could it be an Oak Tree? Did you let a squirrel in your abode who happened to leave an acorn behind? Or, is it a Poinsettia?

Mr B.

P.S. Bet you can't wait until Mrs B is back from FLA so I have no time to give you feedback.

Naperville Now said...

Naperville Now lurves comments and welcomes them from all quarters. (Do you think it's an oak tree? Or is it poison oak?)

Nancy said...

Was that Christmas Cactus outdoors last summer? I think it looks like an oak tree seedling too and suspect a squirrel or chipmunk stored an acorn in there in hopes of dining on it later!

Carol said...

Whatever it is, I'd say you have put to rest those tendencies to overwater your plants. You have let enough time lapse between waterings to allow a small tree to flourish. That looks like progress to me!

Johanna said...

Will sent a Christmas Cactus to Mom for Christmas 3 or 4 years ago. It is the most neglected plant known to mankind! I water it about once a month. I have 3 of them which are loved and nurtured. Mom's blooms. Mine doesn't. Go figure!

Johanna said...

P.S. That stuff growing in your plant may be illegal. I've alerted Will to take a look at it.

Kathy and Freddy said...

I vote Oak Tree.
That would be very funny to be raided by Will, though.