Monday, January 24, 2011

Still Here

This basement rehaul/reno/cleanout/hazmat/disaster is taking a lot longer than I thought, so Naperville Now feels badly about not covering the Apple Store Burglary Part Deux, Rahm Emanuel's exclusion from the mayoral race and those pathetic Bears.

(You won't believe the stuff I've unearthed. What really gets me is why I kept 98 percent of it in the first place. I apologize to Goodwill in advance for the lack of quality stuff headed its way. I also apologize to the landfill. I promise to recycle twice as hard from now until the finish line.)

Thank you to daughter #1 for coming out today to reclaim her leg warmers, shoulder pads, New Kids on the Block cds, and scrunchies. And what a relief to have found those martini glasses, located in a box just under the yoga mats, to the right of the faux Oriental rug, and inches from the floodwaters.

It wasn't really this deep. Just felt like it.


Carol said...

Kinda gives you a new sympathy for those poor Queenslanders suffering through that flooding, doesn't it?

MFM said...

Do not, I repeat, do not get rid of the martini glasses. When the clean up is over you will definitely need them!