Monday, January 10, 2011

Major Award

In the late 60s, I won a tiny black and white television by correctly identifying several cartoon characters and the Kellogg's cereal they represented.

This feat is still referred to in reverential tones by my family because it was the only time any of us achieved such heights in the contest realm.

The next generation, however, is an entirely different story.

Our daughter, AJ, may be the luckiest person on the planet, starting with Astro Jetson, a stuffed animal she won at Naperville's Last Fling balloon pop. ( I think she was 4. It was all she could do to carry it home, given its height. And what my husband was thinking to let that child throw a metal-tipped dart anywhere still eludes me. But, I digress.)

AJ also has won lunch with a favorite teacher (in a grade level not her own), raffles for hair care products and craft supplies, and the occasional speech and writing awards. (She is also amazingly gifted in finding usuriously-priced items at mind-blowing discounts. Jimmy Choo heels, for instance. For $75. At Nordstrom Rack. Perhaps the state of Illinois should hire her as its treasurer.)

Luck? Diligence? Maybe a bit of both, as her latest endeavor has earned her this major award:

for renaming her hospital newsletter The Stethoscoop.

Now that is seven kinds of cool.

And look -- no rabbit ears.

Ever won a contest? Let us know in the Comments section.


Sharon said...

Whoa-congrats to Anna. Remind me to tell you about the pool table I won as a child sometime.

Lynn said...

Congrats, Anna! We should hire her to market us! I love how you call it a "major award", the line from the all-time great movie, 'A Christmas Story'. We too use that term for all of our accomplishments! Hubby just won a contest on the radio, having been what they termed "The Best Call of the Day" and won himself a left-over football jersey (no longer wearable because of the number, player traded, enuf said) and $100 gift card to local diner. We termed that Clay's Major Award and look forward to sharing a meal with him if he decides to share.

BFL said...

Congrats from one wordsmith to another! I plan to use the newsletter name as an example in my Publication Design course this semester. As for awards . . . I still have the copy of Huckleberry Finn I received from Miss Kotke for reading the most library books (1960-61).

Sue said...

BFL -- I looove that you read the most books in 1960! A literary trajectory that shows no sign of abating.
And Lynnie, tell Clay we would be delighted to help him dine in style anytime!

Carol said...

What a clever name! I can see where she got her verbal dexterity from; it's in the genes. Congrats. I daresay that award is at least eight kinds of cool.

Anonymous said...

Total congrats!

Kathy and Freddy said...

Congrats! Good passing down of genetics!
Once I won a baseball from Baskin Robbins. Don't know why, but this was in 1975. Things were different then.

sarah said...

I remember when the 'writer' of this blog won something...maybe not a contest...but I when I think of this I always giggle. Keyword: ship....
I remember who had the winning card and who looked over to tell them they had the wining card!!!

Sue said...

That money went to St. Louis University so fast, I didn't have time to count it.