Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Working On It

Don't ask how the basement revamp project is coming along because frankly, I've been just too busy accomplishing stuff above ground.

First, I needed to find a gift for my sister-in-law, Sarah, whose birthday gala in Savannah, GA, is in thirty days.

This is Sarah:

She's very glamorous.

She also was the highest ranking teen tennis player in east Tennesse in the 1970s. (At matches, where you draw names to see who you play against, the other players -- usually grown women -- would cry when they drew Sarah's name because no one could return her serve. I love that about her. I'm also glad I don't play tennis.)

My second accomplishment this week was to finish piecing a quilt that's taken me (wait for it) 2 1/2 years to complete. I think I'm developing some sort of attention deficit issue. Fabric lost, fabric found, fabric replaced. Stitches torn out, blocks pieced incorrectly, appliqued leaves too big. And then there's the math of it, which I can't even go into without weeping.

Needless to say, this artistic stuff has taken a huge toll. Luckily, my friend Joyce (you've read her guest post in this space) salvaged the shreds of my quilt, along with my textile dignity, just before Christmas. Last weekend, I got 'er done and delivered it to a quilter in Glen Ellyn. In an ice storm.

Here's the quilt top:

It's far from perfect, but we don't do perfect around these parts.

I'll take a picture of it when it's quilted and bound.

So now that I have these two items crossed off my list, the basement beckons.



Kathy and Freddy said...

Sarah might just be the most glamorous person in the US. What a photo!
Beautiful quilt too.

Naperville Now said...

merci merci, Kak.

Nancy said...

You know I have heard that the Amish always purposely make an error in their quilts (corners not quite matching, one piece turned the wrong way etc.) because no human can achieve perfection. Only God is perfect. So welcome to the human race.

Sue jp said...

Based on the off-kilter points on this quilt, I would have to say not only am I part of the human race but I may, in fact, be running it.