Thursday, January 6, 2011


I recommend buying stock in all manufacturers of tissues. Naperville Now is going through a box every 30 minutes.

Hate hate hate being sick.

I'm thinking I must agree with Erma Bombeck: "Housework, done right, will kill you."

If I'm dead by morning, you'll know it was the evil basement. Feel free to keen and wail.


Carol said...

You poor thing! Apple cider vinegar might help. A slug of it a day in a half glass of juice is good for what ails you. Hope you feel better soon.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you need some time in the warmth and sunshine. My prescription: One week in 80 degree weather, with palm trees and a beach.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lynn. ANd you know right where to come (Mick just got a $77 fare each way). Open invitation!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear it! Everyone is sniffling in Atlanta. I use Oil of Oregano. Very potent, sublingual use. Check into dosage, and have a glass of water handy! Jennifer M.