Thursday, January 20, 2011


Holy Powerball!

Powerball winners sold in 501 W. 87th St....$200,000 to the ticket holder.
For 90 seconds, there was a LOT of head spending going on. Then there was a bit of weeping, because it wasn't us.

But in those 90 seconds, I was deliciously absolved of basement duty. Behold the professional organizers! Summon the floor painters! Feast your eyes on that rainbow of Rubbermaid tubs!

And then there was this:

This is what I tend to dream of, after paying off the house, college and the wedding.

What's your $200,000 fantasy? Leave me a comment.


Carol said...

Bill will have a cow when he sees this. That is where he also buys his lottery tickets.

My $200,000 fantasy? A landscape architect to do an overhaul on our property, plus landscape maintenance to go with it.

Sharon said...

A little house close to a beach.

BFL said...


Kathy and Freddy said...

I'm with Sue. A professional organizer and de-mildewer.
A trip to Miraval Spa.

MFM said...

My more than 200K plan is to not by a Powerball ticket at that location for a looooooooog time, odds of it happening there again are astronomical.