Sunday, November 28, 2010

What Really Happened

It just goes to show that if you tear up a little bit when mentioning a Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving, your neighbor will most definitely take pity on you and invite you in for turkey and stuffing.

Thank you, Beth, for including us. I've never tasted a moister turkey or sampled as many side dishes as you prepared for your family on Thursday. (Who knew Brussel Sprouts were tasty?) You are a great cook not only because you enjoy cooking but because you own every conceivable cooking utensil and pot on the planet. As I lack both desire and Staub cookware, I will never achieve culinary heights. And I am at peace with that, especially since you live three doors down.

Off to see what's left at Woodfield Mall with Daughter #2. Christmas beckons. So not ready.

Enjoy the sunshine.

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BFL said...

In an age when neighbors are as likely to feud over fence lines, wandering dogs, stray bicycles and untended trash bins, it is refreshing to read of an act of kindness. And soooo good to know you could save CB for another day.