Saturday, November 6, 2010


Happy to report we dodged the snow bullet. I think the Lake dwellers got several inches. Thank you, lucky stars. Living inland rocks, especially today.

Of course, there are still mountains of leaves to create from the backyard, a never-ending, back-breaking job that I try my best to avoid. Gale-force winds have helped. (Apologies to the families at the end of the court. Act of God. Promise.)

Meanwhile, it is time for the next generation to learn responsibility. There's a lot that goes into being a homeowner.

I think he's doing pretty well, don't you? Very symmetrical. I like that.

Always good to take time out for a brief jump. But, duty calls, buddy.
Chop chop.

If your back is tired from all that raking, there are other ways to make piles.

(Just don't tell Mommy.)


Sarah said...

What a cutie pie! Not the big one with the rake but the little one with the rake!

Sharon said...

So cute! I, too, am really relieved we missed the snow.

BFL said...

I can identify. Had help, too; just a tad older. Long story short: finally bought tarp to haul leaves from yard to pile. Had an hour late Saturday afternoon so decided to get started. Looked out a window to see if I would need sunglasses. Entire east side of yard had been raked (and by an obsessive someone, since not even leaf crumbs were left). I was agog. Left with rest of yard, but east side under oak tree was the worst! Turns out the neighbor did it. Who says chivalry is dead?!

Naperville Now said...

If your neighbor has a little free time...

Johanna said...

Let's see if you maintain 2 households - Naperville and Savannah- you get to rake leaves twice!!! Our leaves fall in the spring (really). Don't forget to bring Zach!