Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not Again

There is snow in the forecast.
Not happy, not happy, not happy.

So not happy.
Are you getting the unhappy part?
Winter is the worst, and it isn't even winter yet.


Anonymous said...

I agree, agree, agree! If it wasn't for our adorable grandchild, we'd be some place WARM!
Donna C.

Nancy said...

Okay you guys, it is time to toughen up a bit. As a veteran of winters in northern Maine and the UP, you do not know what cold and snow is here in Illinois. Why do 98% of people around here never cover their head when they go out in the cold? Forget the hair, a hood or hat is the only way to go! Okay, slush is ugly, ice is a pain, but what a beautiful sight to behold from the cozy confines of your home - preferably w/ a cup of hot chocolate! Nancy

Naperville Now said...

brain freeze for sure. but hot chocolate is pretty awesome.