Saturday, November 20, 2010

Passwords, Part Deux

Lyn, my fourth cousin 17 or 15 times removed, lives and computes in Houston. Not only is she an ace genealogist, Naperville Now reader and good-friend-I've-yet-to-meet, but she has her finger on the software pulse of America and a solution to all of life's problems:

Our son talked me into buying a software called 1Password which works like a charm. You create one password to lock in all of your passwords to every single account you have. You never have to remember any of those again. You then can create passwords which are protected as they have a higher level of complication like, e.g., iHqrStUV152266 or something equally crazy. As long as you can remember the 1Password's password, you're covered. Worth looking into!
Complete genius. Thank you, Lyn. Clearly we're related.

(Neither Lyn nor I have a vested interest in this brilliant company. Just wish I'd thought of it.)

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