Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Your Name Is...?

To be truthful, I'm a little worried about myself. CRS Syndrome has made itself quite comfy in my head these past few months and it's taking a huge toll on my online self-esteem.

How many computer passwords do you have? I think I counted 25 that are essential, all of them some variation of old addresses and telephone numbers and dead pets from the 70s. There's eBay, Etsy, AOL, Gmail, this very blog, work passwords, the banking accounts, stores online. Even, a favorite blog of mine, has a password, and you know what? I'm furious that I can't remember the combo to access all of this stuff. It's like being duck taped to a wall outside the junior high dance while The Beatles sing inside. Live.

Chase Bank called me last week to ask if I was in Brazil, trying to buy Brazilian crap with my credit card. Now, as much fun as that sounds, it would appear that some drug cartel nearly bought a country with my credit line. Oh sure, the Brazilians can be up to no good while I'm here at home, locked out of all the fun.

Apparently my password bollixed up their good time.

Okay, so passwords work for Good and Evil.

I'd try a little bit of both, if I could remember the right combination.


Sharon said...

Ok-how stupid am I. I had to google what is crs syndrome, only to find out I suffer from it myself. Woe is me!

Anonymous said...

That's why half the time I have to comment on these blogs as "anonymous". When Firefox goes on the fritz and forgets my stored password info and I am on my own, I cannot recall what email address I had linked my Google account to, much less what username and password I chose. You are not alone with the password dilemma.

edited to add:
Wouldn't you know it, it happened to me again. Grrrrr.


Anonymous said...

I'm with CaRRol. also posting as Anonymous, password-less!
I think, Sue, you are the first one to know what CRS syndrome means.....but I was first with GTL (my life!)