Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mirror Mirror Part Deux

Thanks to vigilant Nancy, a hardware store aficionado who inspired me to buy my own electric drill 15 years ago, I have found two reasonably-priced mirrors for the guest bathroom. Lowe's in Bolingbrook just got a shipment in on Thursday. After I'm done celebrating, I will take some Advil, dust off my drill and start hanging.

(And no, my bathroom doesn't look like this. But it could.)

More reno stories, thanks to dad and son duo Charlie and Jason Jump, later.


Kathy and Freddy said...

Too late now, but Ballard's sometimes has awesome mirrors on sale (my Boca powder room)

Sue Johnpeter said...

actually, I need one more. I love Ballard's.

Nancy said...

Do glad my tip led to success. i like Ballard's too but I suspect you cannot beat the Lowe's price this time around!