Friday, April 23, 2010

It Happens

The enterprising duo of Michael and Kevin left quite the flyer in my mailbox yesterday. They are advertising their services to clean and polish surfaces covered in bird poop -- rocks, cars, stones, concrete, tile "and much more. We like to save you money!"

Here are the cleaning prices:
A little rock costs $0.25.
A medium rock will run you $0.50.
A large or larger rock is $1.00 plus, with a $0.25 "extra fee for more than 4 square inches of mess per a object."

Luckily, polishing said items is only a little bit more.

"Our deals are a a lot cheaper than other companies or wasting gallons of water with power washers.**
** Don't worry we supply the water!"

My interest was definitely piqued by their choice of artwork, which is featured above.

I must say that anyone who starts a summer job in April is to be lauded, if not hired.  (Then decontaminated, of course.)

Nice work, Michael and Kevin.


Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

They should have used a silhouette profile of Alfred Hitchcock for the little man in their ad.............but, then again, I am guessing that Michael and Kevin may not be old enough to have seen "The Birds"

Mr. B

Kathy and Freddy said...

Hey. Where's my flyer? I've been waiting.

Sue Johnpeter said...

Mine was inside the mailbox!