Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brand Spanky New

Ever had an inexplicable odor? One that emanated from the backseat of your car? And got stronger with each hot day until driving the vee-hicle was pretty much impossible? Me, too. My advice? Don't loan your car to a sippee-cup user. Milk can become rancid in even 65 degrees of weather. Dang, that is one really bad, all-encompassing, nose-blasting smell from hell.

The solution? Brighton Car Wash on 75th Street. Now this is in no way a cheap remedy, but it was either pay a whole lotta money to wash it within an inch of its life or leave the car on the side of the road.

Two young men detailed the interior with odor-eating microbes or microns or millipedes or something. And six hours later, THEY GOT THE SMELL OUT. At least, the smell of shampoo/microbia is so strong, it has overpowered the rancidness.

And you know those disgusting crumbs that build up in the cup holders? Gone. Clean as a whistle. Brand spanky new.

A girl could get used to such an interior.

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