Sunday, January 6, 2013


As you know, Naperville Now cannot resist a rescue story.

Remember Pepper, the lost Staffordshire mix? She appeared in a New Year's Eve post last year.

Abandoned in Tennessee, she was a sweet and calm dog. A new mother with no puppies and a back story we can never know.

Her first responders, on their way home for the holidays, already had two ginormous dogs of their own. So, phone calls were made and prayers offered up as they drove home for Christmas, 3 dogs packed in the backseat and presents piled in the trunk.

After interviewing a herd of Chihuahuas in Chicago, Pepper decided to keep looking for a new home in the suburbs. She found her forever girl the next day.

They are best buds.

Here's to everyone making (or thinking about making) a brand new start in the New Year.


Grace Gould said...

*sigh* we will always love Aussie :) Thanks for the pics and update!

Megan Aubry said...

I was so excited to see this update posted mainly because I cannot imagine not having Aussie (formally Pepper), now that I we have each other. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and taking interest in Aussie and my story!

Naperville Now said...

@Megan -- I was worried that revealing Pepper's new name might violate her privacy rights :) So happy for your two chicks.

Nancy said...

As one of those involved in Aussie's (a.k.a. Pepper) trsnsition to her new life, I could not be happier. She and Megan are a perfect match. I know that neither of them can remember life without the other. Congrats to everyone and thank you Naperville Now for keeping Aussie in your posts. Wish every dog story had such a happy ending!

Kathy and Freddy said...

Such a wonderful story...thanks for the update.

Carol said...

Awwwww! I love a story with a happy ending :-)

VBR said...

Oh, a new year starting off with a happy ending. What a great bit of news. Thanks for sharing.

Pride In Photos said...

A huge dog lover glad to see your Aussie is doing better.