Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Grow Your Blog Party

While browsing through my collection of fave blogs, I ricocheted into Vicki's
2 Bags Full and her epic invitation to a Grow Your Blog Party on her website.

Naperville Now cannot resist any party -- or the opportunity to meet people who are as captivated by words and images as much as she is.

I've been blogging about what's in my head (Naperville, IL, is where my head is most of the time, thus the name) since 2009. I watched the character of Julie Powell start a blog in the film Julie and Julia and thought, "Cooking is way too much trouble, but I do know how to write."

I try for humor most days because there is sad aplenty in this world. So when things or people or situations strike me a certain way, I drift to the computer.

Hope you'll drift along with me.


Carol L McKenna said...

Hmm ~ thanks for coming by ~ I tend to drift to the computer as a way to express myself through, art, photography and poetry (haiku ) ~ Just stopped by to drift along with you ~

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Thanks for coming by ^_^

vicki said...

Welcome to the party! Your blog is now added in place -- in the listing for 51-100 followers. Have fun -- and hope you make lots of new friends!


Diana (Torres) Hawken said...

I'm a follower!!

Sharon said...

Drifting along also.

Johanna said...

Your blog is the one thing I click for thought producing entertainment every day. It is wonderful!! I have to keep reminding myself that God lets me cook like Paula Deen (or her low carb cousin) so I can't ask to be able to write like Sue Johnpeter also. Love you--

Retired Knitter said...

Most definitely, I will drift with you. I also aim for a humorous outlook on life. And many blog posts I am for just that. Don't always make it, but I try, and try and sometime try some more. Life is too short.

If you get chance, come visit me.


Laurie said...

You ARE funny!! I am your newest follower...!

mybearsnme said...

Very interesting posts - thanks for sharing :) I'm over at if you need a smile :)