Sunday, January 27, 2013


This is Max.

His parents and siblings are vacationing in Orlando, land of abundant sunshine, breathtaking landscapes and parades on the half-hour.

This is Howie, Max's brother.

Clearly, they have been on Facebook and seen the pictures of everyone having fun with Goofy and Pluto in Paradise.

I have watched these critters conferring on the best way to take revenge on being left at home. Our carpet was mentioned twice.

It is my firm belief that all dogs need jobs. In that an ice storm is predicted for later this afternoon, I'm thinking sled-pulling is just the ticket.

(At the moment, it is 27 degrees and gray. I am trying to embrace the season and not be so crabby about winter. It doesn't seem to be working.)


Carol said...

To be honest, they appear to be quite comfortable and cozy at the moment. But that could just be a ruse to let down your guard so they can make that assault on your carpet.

laurie said...

our ice storm turned into three inches of light wet snow. though they are promising more ice later.

rosie escaped from the yard today: i saw that the side gate was open and my heart just SANK. i ran down the sidewalk, thorugh the gate, called her name...and she came right up. she'd been in the next door neighbors' yard, snuffling about.

so now i think that dogs' jobs are only to stick around and let us love them.

but i'm sorry about your carpen.

Linda said...

stopping by on the GYB party! Thanks for commenting!! Linda

Bee said...

Max is about the size of my cats. I wonder why they prefer to sleep on the back of the couch rather than on it.

They're both awfully cute!

Librarian said...

Hello Sue, thank you for stopping at my blog! Of course I came over to have a look at yours :-)
When it comes to crabbiness about winter, I think I am world champion...!

Kathy and Freddy said...

Look at how happy they are!!
I bet they're enjoying being only children.
I have a job for them: they can go clear out whatever monsters are lurking under my deck!!

Irene said...

I think they look like nice enough dogs, except for whatever they did to your carpet. Maybe it's best not to mention that. They dont look like twins, do they?

sandy said...

Hello there Naperville, so glad to meet you and thank you stopping by and having tea with me. I stayed in Naperville for a week one time many, many years ago while my hubby had a conference there. I loved all the restaurants, and the shopping of course which is what I did to ease my boredom of staying in a hotel room.

And Yes I have been to the Paris Market in Savannah, one of my reasons for going there most times. I even did two posts about the awesome store ( if you were to look on my tag cloud under Savannah it would transport you there)

I can understand your crabbiness about winter in the great midwest! Oh I will be in flying to the Quad-Cities in March for my Momma's 80th birthday party. I am hoping to see snow! ( I know.... I know....)

Love your blog, love your writing :)

Quinn said...

I think Max is the Mastermind, but you never know...Howie may seem quiet, but still waters run deep!

Thanks for visiting me at Comtonia, where the snow is falling even as I type :)

Jesh St Germain said...

Sorry, I know what you mean - grey days don't sit well with me either.Maybe want to check if you have a touch of seasonal affective disorder (am a psychologist) -the most simple treatment is: light!

Love your writing style:) Wishing you a bright week!