Monday, February 6, 2012

Tropical Pink

Sometimes, there's nothing for it except Tropical Pink. And a vicious beating by the pedi guy.

My Vietnamese is poor, his English, similar.

I have tried to explain about my double foot surgeries, but he really likes to beat my legs and insteps into a pulp. Not sure why, except maybe he once attended massage therapy school and likes to use what he knows on legs and feet.

"That hurts," I say.

"Sorry!" he replies, then repeats the entire bang/slap/grind on the other limb.

"That's kind of hard," I remind him.

"I forgot," he says. "Sorry!"

Sadly, I've had this conversation with him more than once.

I know, I know.

But the prices are reasonable.

And my toes are polished and ready for those Uggs, more's the pity.


Carol said...

Too bad they don't make peep toe Uggs. Those toes are too gorgeous to hide! It might have been painful, but the result is stunning.

Pondside said...

Ouch!...but very pretty!

Emille said...

foot surgery details are hard to understand in another language:) Glad that least the result is pretty toes!

anitamombanita said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing as I'm envisioning this lovely interchange...nice toes!

Maggie said...

No pain, no gain.............and your toes do look fab after their workout!

Lola said...

Great *L* post – painful but so pretty!

Have a great weekend and look forward to *seeing* you again,


JDaniel4's Mom said...

It looks like he does a lovely job!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I think I'll stop by and get mine done tonight..great idea for a dreary day like today..

Jo said...

oh but they do look nice ... and we all have to suffer for beauty at some point!!!

Lavender Cottage said...

A lot of pain, but definitely gain! Your toes are a pretty pink.

upinthecosmos said...

all that to be hidden?? LOL, I know it puts a pep in your step to know that the toes look good... sorta how I feel when I wear funky & fun socks:-)

Jenny said...

I have a similar struggle everythime I get a pedi too but...

I didn't have 2 foot surgeries... Ouch!

Great post for the Letter "L"!

Thanks for Linking.


Andy said...

I have a foot fetish for my wife's feet (smile). She always paints them herself. Your toes look nice. I hope the Uggs appreciate the lengths you had to go though to get them looking like that! LOL
Thanks for sharing.

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