Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paint N Party

At my last post, I left you with a darling baby. For several days.

I knew you wouldn't mind.

I've been in Savannah, GA, since Saturday night.

Eating barbeque.

(Not really.  I don't get barbeque. So messy and red.)

Not even drinking sweet tea. (Plain with lemon is my preference.)

I've been visiting family.

Thawing out.

And painting.

Because one must have acrylic paint in one's life.

I am bidding au revoir to my water colors (which dried out some time ago) and turning a new leaf, thanks to a group of chix who drank their way through Savannah's Local Color Paint 'n' Party, hosted at a frame shop just down the road from Moon River. Yes, that Moon River.

We got to use brushes and everything.

Also some paint.

Becky Frame was our teacher.

She is a saint.

"Listen, now, everyone. Listen! Listen? Y'all are not listenin'."

Did I mention Becky's a saint?

The artists/participants bring wine. And hors d'oeuvres. (Love me that baked brie with pecans sauteed in brown sugar and Kahlua.)

We had a blast the minute we started to sketch the reference points for our herons.

(Savannah's on the ocean, 'yall.)

I stood to paint.

Everyone else sat.

It seemed too momentous to sit.

Becky gave us blue paint. We did a preliminary sketch.

Then she gave us some white paint. We used our painterly brush strokes to create the sky.

I think the sea grass was next. Green. Yellow. Verticals, but wavy-ish. Tall grass closer, short grass farther away.


More heron.

Great fun.

More Kendall-Jackson? Yes, please.

Is the brie all gone? It was divine, thank you.

And I loved how you did those feathers on that bird.

His legs are too short, so elongate, please.

What do you mean it's 10 o'clock?

Get you some acrylic paint, a brush and a canvas.

The world awaits.

I am changed forever. So, too, will you be.

(With thanks to Linda for inviting me to join her and her pals at the Paint 'N' Party. I think we rocked this whole art thing.)


BFL said...

I messed around with acrylics as an undergraduate (without guidance). A dark period in history. Anti-war and anti-space program abstracts were a way of coping. I much prefer your heron.

Lynn said...

Is there no end to your talents? Well done! I am really impressed. I must have been out sick the day they gave out artistic anything.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Visiting from TTT. I'm very impressed, love your painting and looks like it was great fun.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I wish I could paint pictures. The only thing I can paint so-so is my fingernails and I'm not all that good at this. lol Joining you from Alphabe-Thursday! =D

ShortDrive said...

I've been to a paint n party at Local Color -- most fun I've had with a paintbrush since 8th grade. Oops -- did a little wine get on my painting? Oh well, it's just some more Local Color!

Anonymous said...

jaw dropping...

Anonymous said...

Mrs JP

You forgot to tell us how much the opening bid needs to be. I am thinking you need to paint a pic of the OBX for Sharon after our vacation.

BTW, is "the" Moon River really wider than a mile?

Mr B.

jeannette said...

looks like you had fun! Acrylic is the only medium I don't paint much in it -except for the Golden acrylics who are transparent. But you did well with your heron for the first time!!

Kathy and Freddy said...

My dear, you are a lovely artist!
I hope you got the recipe for that brie AND will share....yum.

anitamombanita said...

Fabulous! The hubs and I keep talking about taking a painting class...yes, must do. Our son has been taking one this semester and the things he's created are magnificent...

That was beautiful. Love your heron!

Carol said...

I am in awe of you. The way you fearlessly dive into new experiences and love every minute. I love your painting.

Mary said...

What a wonderful way to paint~ with KJ & Brie :) Love Savannah & your heron!

Johanna said...

Tom is friends with Becky's son Andy. They went to school together. Savannah really is a small town! I could go to a thousand painting classes and never create such a lovely picture. But I can fix a broken toilet or rewire a light fixture! Let me know where I can purchase your original art work.

storybeader said...

I don't paint well with acrylics, but to have a chance like that sounds like great fun. And I love your masterpiece! {:-Deb

Esther Joy said...

Sounds like you had a great time! By the way, I loved my visit to Savannah several years back, and would love to visit again. It is such a beautiful city, and the ocean was wonderful.

Summer Rain said...

love paint brushes...
the way you see it, deep and beautiful.

Pondside said...

What a great way to paint and party! I love it - and your heron!

laurie said...

my favorite bird.

Anonymous said...

this talent skipped your children for sure.

love your not artistic child

Naperville Now said...

now that is not true. artistic talent is made manifest in many ways. photography, interior design, horse blanket-to-wrap color palette ratios. i could go on.

Jenny said...

Your Masterpiece turned out absolutely Magnificent...

I wish my acrylic paints weren't all packed up for My Move because you inspired Me to do some painting...


It sounds like you had a Marvelous time...

Thanks for linking to the letter "M"!