Friday, February 3, 2012

Three Points

Naperville Now's been busy not writing this week.

And now, because Who Do You Think You Are? is on TV (yay!), this will be a short post on three points:

1.) Thank you for the sunshine that has poured down on us this week every bit as much as the snow did exactly one year ago.

I can do cold. I can do snow. I just can't do gray.

So, thank you, sun powers that be. I needed that. Chicago needed that.

2.) We laid to rest a sweet old dog with long ears tonight. She'd had a good life, enjoyed whatever she fancied these past two years of bad health and tough choices for her owners. I made the mistake of playing with her when I first met her, so today was hard.

(I like to imagine her sweet soul bounding up out of her tired old body and galumphing across the living room to whatever is next. And then I start to cry and have to imagine everyone in the room naked in order to get a grip. This doesn't always work. Note to self: do not bond with hospice dogs. A heart is only so resilient.)

3) We get to play ALL day tomorrow with Zach and Charley. So, sun or no sun, it will be a great weekend. We will play trains and towers at home and then meander down to the Clow Airport restaurant to watch the planes take off. We will eat hot dogs and fries and talk about everything. Later, we will discuss whether we should take naps or watch Dora the Explorer. (Grandpa and I tend to lean toward the nap thing, Zach less so. Charley is content with any scenario that comes her way, though rice cereal ranks #1 on her list these days.)

Hope your weekend is filled with treasure, too.


Lynn said...

Sweetest post. Thank you for sharing. Love to the whole fam damily!

Kathy and Freddy said...

Awwwwwwww. sweet.

It's All Connected said...

Sorry you had to give up your friend. It's so hard to do. ~ Maureen

Maggie said...

Lovely post, it's always a sad time when a beloved pet passes on.
Fun time spent with your grandchildren sound like the perfect antidote, thanks for stopping by and entering the Downton Abbey giveaway.

laurie said...

you know that i feel your pain. those old dogs, how we love them.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I too cannot do gray. A kindred spirit in that way! I've read back and want to say I cannot believe some dog owners. You want to just bite them to make your point.

Naperville Now said...

Dana! My thoughts exactly. Indeed, kindred.