Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Cowbell

We are hugely fortunate to have great neighbors here in our little corner of Naperville.

Beth brings us homecooked goodies. Jill walks our ancient dog, Bandit. Marilyn keeps my finger on the retail pulse (handy with the upcoming wedding). And Donna gives us nearly-new toys on a weekly basis.

Zach has been the beneficiary of all of the toys, of course.

A colorful tool set, complete with buzzing drill and full-size hammer, has been his fave. He has a thing for hardware, and the more accurately represented they are, the happier he is. (His dad owns nearly every tool carried by Home Depot, so there is a definite father-to-son hardware synergy thing working.)

Donna dropped off a few things last week. Zach was particularly captivated by this music machine:

If you aspire to be a one-boy band, this is the toy for you.

The best part was the card that came with it:

Followed by this exhortation:

After an inaugural concert, it was reverently hidden tucked into Zach's diaper bag and driven to his house. For future concerts. That may require early departures.


Johanna said...

So whatever happened to the fireman hat (complete with siren and flashing lights) that I sent to Zach? That was an intentional payback for the same toy Charlie sent to my older son when Will was 2. I intended it to be kept at your house!! It was Will's favorite toy, I think, until he turned 14.

Naperville Now said...

It's brought out of the hall closet on special occasions :)

Kathy and Freddy said...

Keep it away from the cul-de-sac!!!

Anonymous said...

Megan had a similar toy as a child. She took it with us on a trip to Fla with my sister - who was nearly driven insane by the end of the trip. My sister can still hum the melody all these years later!