Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Market, To Market

I've been a Kane County Flea Market fan since 1987, though I confess I haven't trolled the Sheep and Swine stalls for French faience in a long time.

On a whim, we scuffed our way through the fairgrounds last Saturday, and I only got yelled at once for taking photographs. (In truth, when I remember to ask vendors if I may take a picture, the answer always is yes.)

There's some pretty keen-o stuff being sold these days. Take a walk with me, won't you?

Admit it, you love spaghetti poodles and look for them wherever you go.

Memory art made of slag and pyrite and a whole lot of other unknown stuff. A great look for that perplexing corner of your home. Bring a crane. This urn weighs 300+ pounds.

Betsy of West Lafayette made these hula hoops that actually hula. She has an etsy store, too, which you can find here. She and her partners have darling stuff, mainly repurposed. I love that.

Tie snakes. Who knew?

Inside the lone air-conditioned building, we found Vintage Addiction. Darling booth.

 Vintage fabrics in old frames for a bulletin board. Love it. Want it. All.

Then I saw, or rather inhaled, the booth of The Frenchman's Wife. In my trance, I forgot to ask if I could take a picture.

Lisa was not happy with me. I apologized. We compared blogs. We talked art. I think we are on good terms.

At another booth, due to the heat and excellent conversation, I forgot to take pictures altogether.

"Do you have a blog?" the booth owner asked as I checked out her tables of goodies.

While I suspected my husband of putting her up to it (he hadn't), we got to chatting like old friends. She has a full-time job, full-time kids and husband and a full-time life. And the need for an overflow valve for her stuff, hence the Kane County Flea Market. She is absolutely charming, so go find her in the double building and buy her stuff.

And be sure to get to the market early enough for the gnomes. I'm pretty sure we got the last one.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I have no financial connection to any of these vendors. I just like their stuff.)


Johanna said...

One of these days I'm going to fly back up and go flea marketing with you again. Wonder if "The Friendly Skies of United" will be so willing to stash all my flea market buys in the airplane coat closet as they were last time? I had so much fun even if it was 110 degrees in the shade!

Betsy Fawbush said...

Thank you for taking awesome pictures of our hula hoops and snakes! We had fun at the Kane County Flea Market. We are thinking about setting up again in November and/or December before Christmas.

Grace said...

It's been years,and I mean YEARS since I've been to a flea market. This one looks like I could have been totally lost and captivated by the amazing stuff you photographed. Thanks for taking me along. Why do the vendors not want you to photograph?

Naperville Now said...

They see it as intellectual property, I think.

Sharon said...

I love, love, love the Kane County Flea Market!

Anne Cerek said...

Thanks for including us on your blog! Glad you like our booth and boards! We will be @ the Grayslake Market this weekend and Kane County again in September. Hope to see you there! And yes, we will have more boards!

lisa said...

dear sue--thank you for mentioning my stall at the kane market--i do so appreciate it!! it was good to meet both you and your husband--and we are DEFINITELY on good terms!!!
best, lisa. (the frenchman's wife)